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Developing and Coaching Teachers’ Professional Growth Plans

This post initially appeared on Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching site in August 2020. Throughout my career I have always been frustrated by school, district, or state requirements that are supposedly designed for progress or improvement but in actuality are a paper chase. Frequently on the list of such policies are Professional Growth Plans (PGPs). In […]

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Professional Growth Plans

As the new school year begins, one of the usual requests that administrators will make of teachers is to submit a professional growth plan. While this process occurs differently from system to system this should be a year where teachers have so many possibilities to consider that they may need coaching guidance in selecting a […]

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Coaching Co-Teaching

I recently produced the short video below to initiate conversations among teachers, coaches and administrators regarding ways for teachers to work in co-teaching settings. Sean Cassel in How to Choose a Co-Teaching Model: Knowing the pros and cons of the six models of co-teaching can help teachers determine which one is best for a given […]

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Personalized PD with Steve Barkley

Steve Barkley is now offering a new service that takes professional development to the next level. We have combined PLS 3rd Learning’s fully facilitated professional development through the Academy for Educators with personalized synchronous sessions with one of our SMEs (including the option to work with Steve Barkley himself). This personalized approach to PD will […]

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Supporting Educator Learning to Build Student Learning

Rapidly changing issues impacting our schools and communities are driving an immediate and substantial focus on educator learning. It’s important that we implement all that we know in designing and supporting educator learning. Planning backwards, we need to begin with identifying the desired student learning outcomes. What are the most critical areas of knowledge, skills […]

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Today’s Leadership Requirement: Leading Teams That Solve Challenges

I was asked to design a proposal for a client that would describe purpose and process for providing coaching to school and system leadership teams. I thought that the resources for describing purpose and some of the processes might be helpful in your support of school leaders. Margaret Wheatley writes: “In troubled, uncertain times, we […]

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The Academy for Educators

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