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Coaching to Guide Teacher Reflection

Writing in a blog, The Ultimate Guide to Reflective Practice in Teaching, Alexandra Spalding describes the value of teacher reflection: “Teacher reflection helps you move from just experiencing a lesson, […]

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Encouraging Peer Coaching in 2023

I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as each year ends and a new one begins. For the break, I pull some past blogs and podcasts […]

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Looking Ahead with Words from the Past Year

Each year as the calendar turns from December to January, I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as I do the other 50 weeks of the […]

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Reflect Upon Surprise, Failure, and Frustration

I am currently engaged with several school middle-level leader teams who have been studying and practicing peer coaching skills with each other as they consider the value of, and process […]

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Time for Gratitude

It’s always the right time to think about gratitude. A post in Psychology Today identifies these benefits: Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. Gratitude improves physical health. Gratitude improves […]

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Planning for and Supporting Learning Acceleration

I hope you are enjoying a break from school, and finding time for rest, reflection, and renewal before the new year begins. This past year has been one of many […]

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