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A Longer Term Focus- Building Resilience

Does thinking longer term as we plan for the next school year allow teachers to focus on building student resilience over a push to catch up on academic content under some definition of learning loss? How do instructional coaches and leaders support teachers in deciding upon the most important student experiences as they return to […]

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Reframing the Problem: Reframing the Mindsets

This blog found its roots when seemingly unconnected resources in my “to read list” connected with the designing and coaching work I am doing with schools in varied locations around the world and in differing situations regarding students returning to school. Adam Fishman, a friend, and the founder of Onora, an organization created with the […]

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Learning from the Pandemic: Listening to Students

My thoughts about the need for us to learn from our students were reinforced and extended when I listened to this webinar recording from Learningforward, How to learn from the pandemic: Name, nourish, connect, and grow! Panelists, Jal Mehta (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Justin Reich (Professor of Digital Media at MIT), and Neema Avashia […]

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Teaching and Teachers Are Central to Engagement

The title of this blog is one of the proposals shared by Nick Zepke and Linda Leach in a research article titled Improving Student Engagement: Ten Proposals for Action. They use these definitions for engagement: Students’ cognitive investment in, active participation in, and emotional commitment to their learning. Students’ involvement with activities and conditions likely […]

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Increase Student Engagement by Connecting Students with Real People

In an Education Week post, Here Are 3 Top SEL Strategies That Can Help Improve Student Engagement Right Now, guest bloggers Alex Kajitani, Tom Hierck, John Hannigan, and Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan identify three high impact elements to increase student engagement: Students are connected, safe, and welcomed. Students have choice, voice, and agency in their learning. […]

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Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is usually attributed to those who work in the medical field and emergency first responders. But teachers who often hear or observe what a student is going through or have students turn to them for help, can also experience compassion fatigue. Beginning this fall, many teachers were on the frontline in a different […]

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