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Brave Teaching and Leading

An article by Joshua Freedman, Leading out of the storm: Taking Schools Forward (not ‘back to normal’) generated my pondering leading to this blog. He describes that when dealing with distrust, anxiety, and volatility our sense of safety is at stake. Leaders desiring to have followers feel safer may respond in either of these two […]

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Empowering Plate Redesign

The need to clear things off teachers’ plates is a pretty common refrain showing up in articles, blogs, and podcasts aimed at school leaders. Justin Baeder from the Principal Center writes that we need to have teachers focus on what he labels as “first-order work:” teaching students (including planning, grading—all the “traditional” stuff teachers have […]

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Coaching for School Leaders

A recent blog by Eric Sheninger highlighted the importance of providing coaching for school leaders at all levels. Sheninger describes the value of coaching for all professions and points to the need for administrator coaching, which is often overlooked. He cites the following from Marta W. Aldrich: “When it comes to the impact of school-related […]

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Happiness in Teaching

The title of this study caught my attention when it showed up in an email feed: Effect of Teachers’ Happiness on Teachers’ Health. The Mediating Role of Happiness at Work. It was one of a list of articles under the topic Well-Being of School Teachers in Their Work Environment. A quick look illustrates why teacher […]

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Teacher Leaders/Middle Level Leadership

Middle level leader is a term frequently applied to teacher leaders who assume roles like team leader, PLC facilitator, department head, or a specific curriculum area leader such as math lead in an elementary school. I am presently engaged with four schools that are providing professional learning and coaching to staff in these important roles. […]

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Administrator, Coach, Teacher Leader Partnerships

Agreeing on expectations upfront can greatly support the building of trust. This is true in classrooms as students find that they can trust the teacher to uphold expectations around her promises concerning her role and to reinforce with appropriate responses when students meet or do not meet expectations regarding their engagement in learning production behaviors. […]

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