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Podcast for Parents: Teaching Our Children to Learn From Mistakes and Minimize Mistakes

Author, Colleen Cruz, presents a clear strategy for dealing with our parenting mistakes and our children’s mistakes.  She and Steve explore and laugh about the mistakes we all make while parenting and how we can coach our own continuous development. Find Colleen’s book, “Risk. Fail. Rise” here. Visit Colleen’s website here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parenting on an Uncharted Journey

Jeff Kubiak, the author of, “One Drop of Kindness” and “It’s Me” explores the impact of the quarantine on children and young people and how we as parents and grandparents can best support them. A discussion around building characteristics of kindness and compassion is included. Find Jeff’s books and resources here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Collaborating with Schools

Chad Dumas, a parent, teacher, researcher and author who focuses on collaboration in schools shares his thinking about parent-school collaboration. Communication around needs and goals is highlighted. Visit Chad’s website here. Follow Chad on Twitter: @chaddumas Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or visit to find new episodes! PODCAST […]

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Podcast for Parents: Building Family Resilience

Resilience is the capacity that allows a person, group, community or family to prevent, minimize or overcome the damaging effects of adversity. Children who lack resiliency need teachers, parents and other care givers to help them become resilient. This podcast explores some strategies for building your family’s hero journey through this challenging time. How to […]

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Podcast for Parents – Talking About Grades: Focusing on Growth

Having a conversation with your child about a report card with lower than expected grades is never easy.  Currently, more parents than ever are in this position with the impact of the COVID quarantine and virtual learning. Planning for these conversations can lead to the development of important life skills and mindsets as well as […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents & Homework

Dr. Cathy Vatterott, The Homework Lady, tells how she started a 20 year career researching the impacts of homework when her own child learned in a different way from what assignments his teacher provided. She shares myths about homework and gives guidelines for parents including suggestions regarding communicating with teachers about your child’s homework impacts. […]

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