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Podcasting for Learning – 500 Episodes of The Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast!

Thanks to staff at PLS 3rd Learning and scores of educators and authors, we are celebrating our 500th podcast! We took a few minutes to share our experiences with you. […]

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Podcast: Educators’ Beliefs Drive Educators’ Behaviors

Kyle Coppes, a secondary principal, shares the thinking behind an opinion piece he wrote titled, “Student Laziness Is a Myth. Here’s Why.” – “The belief that laziness exists will limit […]

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Podcast: Supporting Your Child as a Learner

With many years of experience as a Success Coach supporting the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged students, Liz Keable provides concrete “do and don’t do” guidance for parents and caretakers.  […]

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Podcast: Ignite Your Ideas

Dr. Joanne Foster is returning to our podcast upon the release of her new book, “Ignite Your Ideas: Creativity for Kids,” written for children 12 and older. It provides understandings and […]

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Parent Podcast: Developing Parenting for Developing Youngsters

Nellie Harden, from the “6570 Family Project,” describes our parenting role in providing a training ground for our children’s adulthood. 6570 days is the amount of time we have until […]

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Podcast for Teachers & Parents: Empowering Mastery Oriented Learners

Mastery-oriented learners are motivated by building competency. They are intrinsically motivated rather than driven by extrinsic rewards or by fear of punishment. Mastery-oriented learners want to learn for the sake […]

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