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Podcast: Learning Through Problems and Struggles

“Neuroscientists have found that mistakes are helpful for brain growth and connectivity and if we are not struggling, we are not learning. Not only is struggle good for our brains […]

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Podcast: Leadership in the Classroom and Beyond

The author of “Leading Beyond Your Title: Creating Change in School from Any Role,” Nili Bartley, shares reasons and strategies for generating leadership opportunities for students to lead. She identifies […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Taking Learning Deep and Broad

“Students are not like Lego sets; collecting small bits of knowledge and eventually building a bigger picture understanding.” Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton describes the reasons for engaging students in learning activities […]

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Podcast for Teachers: A Highly Experienced Teacher’s Thoughts on Classroom Management

Tim Seller, an educator with five decades of experience, shares his current practices as a middle school math teacher. Tim has a curriculum for his classroom management as well as […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Motivating Learners with Future Focus

Studies identify that interventions that influence students’ beliefs about the relevance of school to themselves, their lives, and their society, can impact student academic tenacity and increase student success. Without […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Identifying and Supporting Students’ Sparks

Sparks are skills, talents, or interests that one finds deeply motivating. Students who get joy and energy from using their sparks and learn valuable life skills from their sparks are […]

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