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Coaching and Trust

I had the opportunity to be a keynoter for the online Coaching Summit 2019 sponsored by Nicole Turner at Simply Coaching. My presentation, Respecting Teachers’ Goals and Values, was followed by an interview. Here’s the video presentation and my responses to some of the questions in the interview. My Conversation with Nicole Turner Nicole: In […]

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When Coaches Hear Resistance

Sometimes a statement from a teacher during a coaching conversation or while facilitating a PLC or professional development activity can leave you speechless. I frequently label such statements as gripes, excuses or resistance to any change. They can derail progress or worst bring a defensive response from the coach that can negatively impact interactions with […]

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Podcast: Coaching Better Podcast Interviews Steve Barkley Pt. 1

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve is interviewed by Kim Cofino and Clint Hamada from Better Coaching. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or visit to find new episodes. Thanks for listening! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTAnnouncer : 00:00 Uncover how your students learn best […]

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Hypothesis and Evidence: Words to Use In Professional Growth Plans

I have been working with several school organizations updating and examining their teacher professional growth plans. In each case leaders want to focus on maximizing the payoff in student success, growth or achievement from educator’s learning. They want the plan to provide for teacher autonomy while aligning efforts to school-wide goals. Each of these systems […]

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Introducing Mentoring or Coaching

While reading a blog by Cristie Watson titled 9 Mistakes New Teachers Make, I was triggered to consider how mentors and instructional coaches approach the start of new relationships with teachers new to working with a coach or mentor. Number 6 on Watson’s list of 9 is Being Afraid to Ask for Help “When struggling […]

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Early Feedback

In a previous blog, I shared the work of Randy Conley and Drea Zigarmi that identified twelve factors of employee work passion (EWP) categorized as organizational, job, and relationship factors. (You can find the twelve here.) In that blog I explored two factors that I believe deserve attention as leaders plan for the opening of […]

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