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Teachers Reflecting and Learning from Peer Observations

Differentiating Peer Observation and Peer Coaching: Peer Observation is an activity that is focused on the observer’s learning while Peer Coaching is focused more on the benefits to the observed […]

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Co-Creation ———— Co-Production ———— Co-Commitment

The authors of The Open System: Redesigning Education and Reigniting Democracy, Landon Mascareñaz and Doannie Tran, shared the value of extending the concept of co-creation to co-production and co-commitment with […]

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The Jigsaw Strategy and Cognitive Dissonance

Searching for a podcast to listen to on my daily walk, I came across the Stanford Psychology Podcast, Elliot Aronson: Cognitive Dissonance, Cooperation, and Juicy Stories About the History of […]

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Decreasing Problem Saturated Conversations

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin writing in an ASCD article connected me to the term “problem saturated conversations.”  She states that what teachers talk about during their lunch break can have dramatic implications; […]

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Connecting Vulnerability and Trust

Adam Grant conducted an interview around how trust works and how it can be built, with Daniel Coyle, the author of “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups.“ […]

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PLCs and the Constellation Mindset

I am currently reading The Power of Giving Away Power by Matthew Barzun, which introduced me to the leadership work of Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933). When I read the description […]

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