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Conscious Coaching Decisions

As I read various descriptions of different coaching practices, I value building multiple ways to process the decision-making that coaches perform on the spot as a coaching conversation unfolds. In an earlier blog, I described the Barkley Model of coaching as not being a model. “I’m sometimes asked ‘What is the Barkley Model of coaching?’ […]

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How Might a Coach Respond?

While facilitating a group of coaches, I explored the role of using empathy statements and supporting statements to respond to teacher statements that coaches might describe as “challenging.” Teacher: “The district has given us a new curriculum which causes a great increase in planning time on our part and now we have to attend these […]

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Selecting Coaches

I recently received this request from an instructional coach: “I wanted to reach out to you for some resources. We are in the process of adding an extra coach to our building. I wanted to know if you have any interview questions, we can ask the interviewee? Since we know that many candidates will likely […]

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Tapping Your Curiosity While Coaching: Lessons from the late Larry King

The recent passing of Larry King, the renowned CNN interviewer caused me to reconnect with a message I pulled from an article I read years ago that was exploring King’s success. The first part of the article asked other interviewers what they felt was his key strategy. The common thread they shared was that King […]

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Coaching with Structure: The TO GROWTH Model

Today, I am delighted to share a guest blog from Jonathan Mueller, an instructional coach at the Western Academy of Beijing. Jonathan has joined me on a podcast as we’ve explored building coaching practices. I invited Jonathan to share his recent design of a planning model for coaching. You can find more of Jonathan’s insights […]

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Learners Investing in Learning: The IKEA Effect

A recent blog by Angela Duckworth, Harnessing the IKEA Effect for Student Motivation, sent me exploring to find out more about the IKEA effect. Duckworth shared that having put together an IKEA stool, her assessment of its beauty had increased substantially over her husband’s view of the finished piece. She was confident that had their […]

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