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Parents’ Roles in Learners Developing Digital Citizenship

One of my school district clients, after listening to a podcast I had recorded for parents around teaching risk-taking, asked me to produce a video clip illustrating the role of […]

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Coaching Co-Teaching

I recently produced the short video below to initiate conversations among teachers, coaches and administrators regarding ways for teachers to work in co-teaching settings. Sean Cassel in How to Choose […]

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When Coaches Hear Resistance

Sometimes a statement from a teacher during a coaching conversation or while facilitating a PLC or professional development activity can leave you speechless. I frequently label such statements as gripes, […]

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Video: Conversations Focused on Student Learning

Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind, the authors of How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations, present an article in Harvard Business Review titled “Leadership is a Conversation“.  They […]

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Teaming or Franchising

In my experiences I have found that many of the groups of teachers who are called a team at school are actual functioning more as franchise owners attending a franchise […]

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Coaching Through Change

Teachers respond differently to the requests or requirements for change that schools might make in curriculum, instructional approaches, assessment, etc. Coaches working through change with teachers need to adjust their […]

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