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Reimaging School

In an interview with Learningforward, Jal Mehta, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, shared the following: “The challenge with the pandemic is that, for a lot of people, there has been this sense of, “When can we get back to what we had before?” But in the case of schools, it’s pretty […]

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Building Ownership Over Agreement

While engaged in coaching the members of a district-wide curriculum team, both individually and collectively, I had the opportunity to read a post by Randy Hall from the Leadership Gym. In “Want change? Why your team isn’t buying,” he states that, “Businesses that are growing, thriving, and sustainable are constantly in a state of change. […]

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Coaching for Acceleration

A recent publication from UNESCO highlighted the disruptions in learning caused by COVID-19. The quarantine has highlighted and exacerbated learning gaps and inequalities. Students who failed or became disinterested during this time may be facing a higher risk of dropping out. NWEA suggests that students will experience a loss of 50% in mathematics. Sarasota County […]

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Virtual Coaching: A Look Back and Ahead

As schools begin engaging in teaching and learning in 2021, some teachers will be totally online, some back in school with masks and distancing guidelines and other in a hybrid model with various designs of teaching face-to-face and virtual. Instructional coaches and school leaders will be supporting teachers in similar blended levels of connectedness. I […]

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Purposeful School Leader Actions

I have been dropping notes to school leaders on LinkedIn as I have viewed announcements of their new leadership positions. My comments are geared to encourage them that while purposeful educational leaders are always important to student success, today especially, teachers, parents, and students are seeking support and direction from school leaders at every level. […]

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How Does Intellectual Humility Impact Educator Reflection?

I was introduced to the term Intellectual Humility listening to a Daniel Pink podcast. He defines it as being less certain about one’s views and more intellectually humble about what one knows and understands. It is a willingness to recognize that what you think and what you believe might be wrong. Pink suggests it not […]

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