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How Might a Coach Respond?

While facilitating a group of coaches, I explored the role of using empathy statements and supporting statements to respond to teacher statements that coaches might describe as “challenging.” Teacher: “The district has given us a new curriculum which causes a great increase in planning time on our part and now we have to attend these […]

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Why Reach Out for Coaching?

Crystal Frommert, a middle school instructional coach, recently shared,” Coaches can do a lot to help even veteran teachers improve, especially when teachers know what kinds of support they’re looking for.” Her article presents 4 Ways to Maximize the Benefit of Having an Instructional Coach. She proposes that a start is for teachers is to: […]

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“Learning Loss?”

My wonderings are at that spot where several of my experiences, conversations, readings, and social media messages are overlapping and connecting. Not sure I have a clearly thought-out message yet, so I decided to share them in this blog and see where it takes me. Reading: I just completed a thorough reading of The End […]

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Selecting Coaches

I recently received this request from an instructional coach: “I wanted to reach out to you for some resources. We are in the process of adding an extra coach to our building. I wanted to know if you have any interview questions, we can ask the interviewee? Since we know that many candidates will likely […]

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Coaching as Helping

A recent conversation with an instructional coach raised the issue of coaches using the word “help.” In my coaching, it is a word I tend to consciously avoid unless the teacher uses the word first. So, I tend not to ask, “How can I help?” If a teacher approaches me and says, ”I was hoping […]

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Paraphrasing and the Power of “You”

In The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools, John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh, share key coaching skills; several of which I think closely connect to listening skills. Being Present – “There are few greater gifts we can give another person these days than being present.” Giving full and focused attention is a powerful way […]

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