Personalized PD with Steve Barkley - Steve Barkley

Personalized PD with Steve Barkley

Steve Barkley has combined PLS 3rd Learning’s fully facilitated professional development through the Academy for Educators with personalized synchronous sessions with one of our SMEs (including the option to work with Steve Barkley himself). This personalized approach to PD will deepen the learning experience for your school or district and is best suited for larger teams. 

Steve’s personalized PD explores topics such as: 

  • Instructional Coaching
  • Blended & Online Teaching
  • New Teacher Induction
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Teaching & Assessment
  • Teacher Leadership


How does it work?

  1. Pick your PD: Meet with Steve to determine which modules would be most appropriate for your team’s learning objectives.
  2. Develop a Plan: Determine the number of synchronous sessions you would like to offer to your team members, and who will be facilitating those. Most schools and districts are opting for a kick-off session as well as a session at the end, and some have included mid-point check-ins for their teachers as well. We will provide the synchronous session facilitators, but a train your trainer approach is also an option.
  3. Get Started: Our team will begin registering your educators for PD and scheduling synchronous sessions right away.

To learn more about Steve Barkley’s Personalized PD services, please contact:

Lorene Malanowski