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Year-End Planning for Learning Goals

My involvement with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) often revolves around establishing learning goals/outcomes for students and collaborating to map out the strategies to achieve those goals. This process inherently incorporates […]

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What Do Leaders and Teachers Believe About Collective Teacher Efficacy and Teacher Collaboration?

Research has identified that collective teacher efficacy is among the highest influences on student achievement. Teachers who believe in their collective ability to impact student learning can create a more […]

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“That’s really a good question.”

Perhaps one of the greatest things for a coach to hear in the middle of a coaching conference is the response “that’s really a good question.”  Whenever I get that […]

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Teachers Reflecting and Learning from Peer Observations

Differentiating Peer Observation and Peer Coaching: Peer Observation is an activity that is focused on the observer’s learning while Peer Coaching is focused more on the benefits to the observed […]

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Why Can’t Assessments Be Joyful?

Since having recorded a podcast with Alexis Wiggins, I have been subscribed to her newsletter at the Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning. As soon as I finished reading the […]

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The Power of a Coaching Culture in Schools

Creating a coaching culture may require reshaping the way schools operate in order to foster continuous improvement. At its core, a coaching culture in a school embodies a commitment to […]

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