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What do students learn from school and classroom management practices?

Watching a video presentation by Dr. Carla Shalaby, I was introduced to the concept of a classroom management curriculum. Dr. Shalaby is the coordinator of social justice initiatives and community […]

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Reminder: Teach Students the Learning Production Behaviors

When I am discussing backwards planning and stressing that students cause student learning outcomes through the execution of student learning production behaviors, I reinforce that we need to assess if […]

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Generating Long Term Increased Learning

I found this diagram in a white paper from NWEA, titled From Survive to Thrive: Why partnership is an Essential for School Improvement. Citing a research study from the Annenberg […]

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Visibly Random Groups for Student-to-Student Interaction

“We need to ensure that classrooms are filled with dialogue and not a monologue.” That statement appears in Grades K-12 Rebound (Fisher, Frey, Smith, Hattie) in the chapter on “recovering […]

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Equity in Extended Learning Opportunities

The root of the ponder for this blog came from Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast titled The Powerball Revolution. Engaging in a conversation with students at the Lawrenceville School, a […]

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Want feedback to go further? Try implementing a feedback cycle.

I recently had the pleasure of learning from Matt Johnson, a high school English teacher and the author of Flash Feedback: Responding to Students Better and Faster: Without Burning Out […]

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