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Coaching Classroom Management: Consistent and Flexible

Consistency and flexibility are observable in outstanding teachers’ classrooms. Students know what to expect from the teacher. There is a calmness generated from consistent expectations that the teacher has for students and the students have for the teacher. A post on Education World illustrates this idea: “What’s most important when it comes to consistency isn’t consistency […]

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Supporting Parents Supporting Learners

As many educators are, I am currently engaged in deep reflection concerning what we have practiced, implemented, discovered, and created during the closure of our school buildings that shouldn’t be dropped when the school doors open back up. One area that I’ve witnessed is the increase in communication and partnerships that educators are building with […]

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A Mastery Curve for Teaching

I recently came across a fascinating article called “How to be Great” (Business Life, November 2019) written by Jeroen de Flander, the author of The Art of Performance: The Surprising Science Behind Greatness. In the article, de Flander writes, “We are all in awe when we discover the work of masters.” (And I have to say […]

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Caring, Vulnerability and Trust

For some time, I have been considering the connection between vulnerability and trust. I have been exploring the need for vulnerability to generate trust.  My thinking has been that someone needs to make himself/herself vulnerable in order for trust to be formed. When I go out on a branch and hand you the saw, the […]

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The Beginning of the School Year Messages

It’s that time of year again when my schedule often contains “opening day” presentations, end of summer professional development events or planning sessions for administrators and/or teachers. One of the discussions I try to facilitate explores what messages educators want to communicate to students and/or teachers concerning environment and relationships. I believe that consciously deciding […]

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Increasing Perseverance By Translating Goals Into Behaviors

Reggie Rivers, a previous NFL player and now motivational speaker shared the following in a TED Talk , If you want to achieve your goals, don’t focus on them. That’s a different approach than most of us are used to hearing, but his explanation makes so much sense. He explained that it is not the […]

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