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Does Your School Leadership Have a Focus on Collective Responsibility?

I have a long history of stating that teaching is a team sport and needs to be a public act with colleagues. My use of the word team is to […]

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Coaches Fostering Teacher Motivation

Dave Stuart posted a video where he explores five key beliefs as crucial in fostering student motivation.  He identifies these as central to creating a learning environment where students feel […]

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Building Best Possible Coaching Relationships

I’ve recently read Michael Bungay Stainer’s How to Work with (Almost) Anyone. The focus of the book is on working relationships that are happier, more successful partnerships. He labels these […]

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Why Can’t Assessments Be Joyful?

Since having recorded a podcast with Alexis Wiggins, I have been subscribed to her newsletter at the Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning. As soon as I finished reading the […]

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Leaders Have the Ability to See Those Around Them Rise

          Simon Sinek shared the statement, “Leaders have the ability to see those around them rise” in this short video clip. It struck me as a […]

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Leadership and Rapport

Rapport refers to a harmonious and empathetic relationship or connection between people. It involves mutual understanding, trust, and a feeling of ease or comfort in interactions. Rapport is characterized by […]

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