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Podcast: Increasing Teacher and Student Success With Goals

Cory Camp, the director of professional development for Sibme, joins Steve in exploring how instructional coaches can use goal setting to guide teachers’ continuous improvement. They explore how evidence and […]

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How Well Does Your Team Function?

A post from Harvard Business Review, Assessment: How Well Does Your Team Function? identifies teams as a critical but often unsuccessful part of today’s workforce. The authors list some of […]

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Encouraging Peer Coaching in 2023

I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as each year ends and a new one begins. For the break, I pull some past blogs and podcasts […]

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Looking Ahead with Words from the Past Year

Each year as the calendar turns from December to January, I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as I do the other 50 weeks of the […]

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Podcast for Parents: What’s Important to Know About Kids in Sports

Sports have many benefits for kids that can be lost if parents lose sight of the purpose. The author of “Take Back the Game: How Money and Mania Are Ruining […]

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Podcast: Using Inquiry to Set the Stage for Student Voice and Choice

When are you more of a managerial leader verses an inquiry leader in the classroom? There are important times for each. What do students learn from your approach? How conscious […]

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