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What do our students need us to learn?

Planning backwards from student desired outcomes eventually leads to identifying teachers’ needs for understanding or learning. I suggest that as teachers study student work and assessments in a PLC, the question, “What do students need us to learn?” emerges. I believe that as teachers we are doing everything we can to have students reach mastery […]

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Exploring Multi-Grade and Multi-Level Learning

My learning and teaching experiences have influenced me to favor opportunities for mixing age and learning levels in classrooms. Let’s go way, way back in my learning history. In 1956, I entered first grade (no kindergarten was offered) at the same one room school that my mother had attended. While she completed grades 1-8 there, […]

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Practice as a Learning Production Behavior: Practicing for Performance or for Learning

I have a continuing focus on empowering students by clearly teaching them the optimal learning production behaviors. I am increasingly convinced that a teacher’s ability to explain to students how the tasks she is requiring them to complete produces learning is empowering and motivating.  A student’s confidence in his teacher grows as he sees learning […]

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Coaching Through Change

Teachers respond differently to the requests or requirements for change that schools might make in curriculum, instructional approaches, assessment, etc. Coaches working through change with teachers need to adjust their approaches and strategies to support, encourage, and provide feedback that best meets the teacher’s stage of implementation. In the following ten minute video, I describe […]

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Trust and Vulnerability

Examining trust and vulnerability quickly engages one in the chicken and egg question. Which comes first?  Trust can’t be created without some vulnerability being present. Trust greatly increases the likelihood that people would make themselves vulnerable. I explore trust and vulnerability often as they are key to growth from coaching and to effective teaming in […]

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The Coaching Balance

I love the learning I gain from interactions with educators. Not surprisingly, educators focused on coaching and collaborating provide extra special opportunities. Kevin Schlomer recently provided me one of those learning opportunities and I was anxious to share it with you.  Kevin is a former instructional coach and coordinator of instructional coaching. He is currently […]

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