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Podcast: Teaching and Learning from a Mission

Northwest Passage High School’s mission statement states: Rekindling our hope, exploring our world, seeking our path, while building our community. Director and teacher, Peter Wieczorek, describes how the mission is lived by teachers and students. Visit the Northwest Passage High School website here. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or […]

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Staff Developmental Relationships

Last year I posted a blog focusing on building developmental relationships with students. The work of Search Institute helped me be clear on what it means to have teachers focus on building relationships. They define developmental relationships as close connections through which young people discover who they are, cultivate abilities to shape their own lives, […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Teaching Virtually for a Year: Teachers’ Thoughts on Building Social-Emotional Skills

Three teachers and a staff developer from Passaic, NJ who have been teaching virtually for a year examine how they approach building students skills for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Clearly, there is no going back to “normal.” Get in contact with Chad, Director of Staff Development at: Subscribe […]

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Leaders Modeling Professional Learning

I recently had the opportunity to engage in several conversations and to record a podcast with Chad Dumas, the author of Let’s Put the C in PLC: A Practical Guide for School Leaders. Chad’s website has a post view on Ten Elements of Principal Knowledge — 2-Page Overview of 10 Elements. I invited Chad to […]

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Healing-Centered Schools

The following is a guest blog from Amanda Adams, associate director in the Professional Development and Instructional Issues Department for the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). In addition, she is the coordinator for the NJEA Priority Schools Initiative (PSI). I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda and the PSI consultants as well as […]

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Taking Time for Reflection

I hope this time of year, with a break from school, provides you with time for rest, reflection, and renewal as a new year begins. This past year has been one of many different experiences for all of us. Reflection is key to gaining learning, insights, and new practices from those experiences. Here are blogs […]

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