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Podcast: Exploring the Homework Question

Dr. Cathy Vatterott shares insights from her twenty years’ experience researching homework truths and myths. She identifies ways that instructional coaches and administrators can guide teachers’ reflection on their decisions regarding homework. The impacts of virtual instructional are also discussed. Visit Cathy’s website here. Connect with Cathy on Twitter: @realhomeworkldy Subscribe to the Steve Barkley […]

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Podcast: Identifying Student Engagement

Heather Lyon, an assistant superintendent and the author of, Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It’s a Narwhal), describes her Engagement Framework and its application for supporting teacher professional development and coaching. She identifies the connections between learning tasks and relationships in extending student engagement. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes […]

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Podcast: Exploring the Many Faces of Coaching

 On this podcast, Steve is interviewed by Michael Iannini, the coordinator of PD for ACAMIS, the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools.  They explore the many faces of coaching as a preliminary conversation to Steve’s facilitation of Personalized Coaching for ACAMIS schools. Learn about personalized coaching from ACAMIS here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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Podcast: Parents as a Natural Resource for Schools

Alejandro Gibes de Gac, the Founder and CEO of Springboard Collaborative, shares that the power of parents to positively impact student learning success is often overlooked. He shares how goal setting and supporting parents in coaching learners can gain rather quick learning success and set the stage for longer term educational outcomes. Visit Springboard Collaborative […]

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Podcast: Why Create a Culture of Coaching

Instructional coaches, along with school administrative and teacher leaders, can positively impact student success by building a culture of coaching among school staff. Listen in as Steve presents a message to teachers on why they would find value in entering into coaching and collegial conversations with instructional coaches and with each other. Subscribe to the […]

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Podcast: Trust for the Coaching Process

How are earning trust and gaining trust similar and different? Jonathan Mueller, an instructional coach at the Western Academy of Beijing, shares thoughts and strategies on ways that coaches can both gain and earn trust. The need for coaches to be consistent and flexible is also explored. Visit Jonathan’s website here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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