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Steve Barkley’s Face-to-Face Services: Coach, Consultant and Partner

Transformational initiatives require strategic planning and thoughtful execution. As districts and schools approach innovation and improvement initiatives, Steve has proven to be a valuable partner in consulting and coaching key education leaders in the design and implementation phases of a project.

Steve’s face-to-face experience includes:

NJEA Priority School Initiative: Steve built an ongoing partnership with the New Jersey Education Association and New Jersey schools to raise student achievement in low performing schools.

Missouri Online Teaching Initiative: Both administrators and teachers in Joplin, MO, received professional development designed specifically around online teaching and learning.

Texas School Improvement: Steve offered consultation on school improvement plans with administrators in the Marble Falls ISD.

Millsaps College Principals’ Institute: Working with the Institute, Steve guided a group of principals in the development of stronger leadership and instructional coaching skills.

Frisco ISD, TX: Working with Central Office, Building Administrators and Coaches aligning work with teachers to impact student achievement.

Bismarck Public Schools, ND: Long-term systemic capacity-building of teachers and administrators.

Wood County Schools, Parkersburg, WV: Principal and teacher professional development.

The School District of Lancaster, PA: Principal-coach partnerships for impacting school improvement plans.

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