Motivational Speaker for Educators | Presentations by Steve Barkley

Steve Barkley: Professional Development That Unlocks Educator Potential

A riveting motivational speaker, Steve Barkley’s unique, skill-based presentations combine education theory with practical applications. Featuring concrete examples and insightful stories, the presentations can be effectively followed by smaller group workshops conducted by Steve and/or additional PLS 3rd Learning staff. Steve is also available for long term consulting projects to help facilitate desired outcomes.

The Magic of Excellent Teaching

How does the master teacher make learning happen? In this innovative presentation, Steve shares strategies and skills to help teachers create magic in their own classrooms.

Facilitating Professional Learning Communities®

In order to positively impact student achievement, Steve explains how professional learning communities can create a collaborative environment among colleagues, also saving precious teacher time.

Principal/Coach Partnership

Steve explores the relationship between instructional coaches and administrators, and how an effective coaching program can produce teacher change, student achievement and desired staff involvement.

Discovering the Power of Live-Event Learning®

In this session, Steve shows teachers how to incorporate real-life learning into teaching. Using these experiences, teachers can cover their curriculum while incorporating real-life problem solving – bringing meaningful context and applications to the academic concepts learned.

Leadership for Innovation and Change

Continuous innovation and constant improvement are critical for today’s education leaders. In this seminar, Steve provides administrators and teacher-leaders the opportunity to identify their existing leadership skills, create the right environment and develop a plan for enhancing those capabilities.

Other Presentations Include:

  • Eclectic View of Learning Styles: The Kaleidoscope Profile®
  • Facilitation Skills for Leaders
  • Feedback for Learning – Grading?
  • Increasing Options: Lowering Risks
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Leading Through Conversations
  • Natural Leadership
  • Power of Optimism
  • Raising Student Expectations
  • Tapping Student Effort
  • Teambuilding
  • Together Toward Tomorrow

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