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Podcast for Parents & Teachers: Parents and Teachers Generating Opportunities for Learners’ Intrinsic Motivation

Research informs us that when tackling tasks that are more complex, success is more likely to occur from intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. How can teachers and parents support learners […]

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Podcast for Parents: Communicating With Your Youngster’s Teachers

Parent, teacher, and author Crystal Frommert, shares her thoughts on building the parent/teacher partnership from the parents’ perspective. That partnership is important to maximize a student’s success in school. When […]

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Podcast: Independent Risky Play is Important

Parents often receive messages about the dangers that might befall unsupervised children and the value of high achievement in school. They too seldom hear messages that if children are to […]

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Podcast: What to Look For in Your Kids’ Coaches

Volunteer and paid coaches connecting with your children can play an important role in developing important life skills as well as performing skills. Five elements of building developmental relationships and […]

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Podcast for Parents: Learning to Learn From Mistakes

Dr. Maleka Donaldson, parent, teacher, education professor and author of “From Oops to Aha: Portraits of Learning From Mistakes in Kindergarten,” shares her vast experiences for parents’ consideration. Children at […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents, Caretakers & Kids: Yay for Yoga

Listen in as experienced teacher, founder of Mari Fox Wellness, and author of “Yay for Yoga,” Mari Irwin shares her passion and beliefs in the joy of yoga for families. […]

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