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Being a Warm Demander

How does a teacher communicate caring and expectational beliefs in a way that most positively impacts student achievement? Judith Kleinfeld coined the term warm demanders when describing teachers who most successfully supported student achievement. Creating four quadrants with a vertical scale running from low to high expectations and a horizontal scale running from low to […]

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Leaders Assessing and Setting Goals

My end of the year facilitation sessions, both live and on Skype, continue to focus around the examination of the gaps that exists between ‘what educators want students to experience and gain’ and ‘what is the current reality’. A blog,  What Should High School Graduates Know And Be Able To Do?, by Tom Vander Ark,  provides […]

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Shame in School

My partner, Michelle, was recently preparing for a parent workshop she was offering around the importance of vulnerability. She used this diagram to outline the interaction among connection, compassion, courage, gratitude, and vulnerability. Michelle and I are often sharing our explorations, findings and questions with each other as we design learning plans for others. This […]

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Future Focus

I read with interest, an announcement  of  Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new graduation initiative designed to guide post-secondary success for students of all levels by requiring that they develop plans for life after graduation. Starting with current freshmen – the Class of 2020 – students would have a post-secondary plan in hand in order to […]

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Homework/ Home Learning

I have written earlier about the impact of the word “work” in describing the learning activities in which we want students to engage. My thinking was initially triggered by Alfie Kohn’s writing in Students Don’t “Work”- They Learn . Homework defines this conflict for me most clearly. Can it really be a quality learning activity if […]

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Impact of Teachers Showing Their Belief in Students

On a recent flight I was checking back on “items saved” on my computer and ran across a Mindshift post titled, How Showing and Telling Kids ‘I Believe in You’ Can Empower Them at School.  It was excerpted from a chapter titled, “Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset” found in Jo Boaler’s book, Unleashing Students’ […]

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