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Coaching Outstanding Teachers

When I wrote Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching, I based it around two critical beliefs: The first belief was that we should have structures that allow everyone working in a building to receive feedback at least once a week. That outcome would necessitate peer coaching because there is no way a building administrator and […]

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Teaching and Coaching Student Effort

I wrote the book Tapping Student Effort, Increasing Student Achievement, around a formula that reads effort times ability, focused on a manageable task, equals success. I found a lot of students were unaware of the formula. Many thought the formula was ability equals success. They had a tendency to look around the room and spot […]

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Comfortable with Discomfort

In the work that I’ve done across the past 35 years connected to peer coaching, instructional coaching, mentoring, and coaching connected to supervision, one of the elements that has been present from the very beginning is the realization that coaching creates discomfort. Being coached brings some level of discomfort. To grow from the coaching experience, […]

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A Conversation with Jim Knight

I am excited to be joining Jim Knight at the Teaching Learning Coaching Conference 2018,  October 9-11, in  Las Vegas. Jim has created an opportunity for instructional coaches to interact with a great list of coaching leaders. Jim  posted a blog titled, Steve Barkley Interview and I posted a podcast of a conversation he and I had. Here […]

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Finding Understanding with Same/Different Exploration

Identifying similarities and differences is a fundamental cognitive process. When faced with a new situation, we naturally look to see how the situation is similar to something we already know and how it is different. I recognize this process as I travel internationally. Landing in an airport with everything labeled in an unfamiliar language, I can identify […]

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Peer Coaching Payoffs

During the current and past year, I have been working with the staff at QSI International School of Chengdu in China.  Using Skype, I facilitated professional learning sessions with the entire staff and held coaching sessions with individual PLCs. Last year we focused on professional learning communities and this Fall we added peer coaching practices. […]

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