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Podcast: Examining the Dark Side of Rigor

Ole Jorgenson and Percy Abram, authors of the article The Dark Side of Rigor, share their past and current experiences and research in exploring problems that arise when rigor is defined as “lots of difficult work” rather than depth and challenges in learning. They share ways to engage staff and parents in important reflections connecting […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Supporting Play

Author, Kindergarten teacher, dance teacher, and parent, Madeleine Rogin, illustrates the impact of play for wellness and learning. Memories of joyful and meaningful play experiences help bind families together emotionally, even long after children are grown. A great reward for all involved. Read Madeleine’s article, “Emphasizing the Importance of Play During Distance Learning” here. Read […]

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Podcast: Supporting Teachers’ Social-Emotional Needs

Sherry St. Clair, the author of Coaching Redefined, shares five focus points for school leaders to develop environments and relationships that build social and emotional wellness.  Examine how a listening tour might be a starting point. Visit the Reflective Learning website here. Find Sherry’s book, Coaching Redefined here. Get in touch with Sherry: Sherry@reflecttolearn.com Subscribe […]

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