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Vulnerability in Leading and Coaching

In a blog post, Leadership Vulnerability: A Personal Journey Through the Eye of the Storm, Samuel T. Baily describes vulnerability as an act of bravery. β€œIt breaks down barriers, fosters […]

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Peer Observation and Peer Coaching – Defining a Difference

Vulnerability and reflection are keys to continuous teacher growth. Vulnerability requires trust. Expectations can help establish, fulfill, and build that trust. Too often, I find that unclear expectations around roles […]

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Podcast: PLCs as Constellations with Integration

How can “constellation thinking” (Matthew Barzun, “The Power of Giving Away Power”) increase the learning and creativity of school staff who currently are most likely engaged in pyramid thinking? Building […]

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Podcast: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Does your staff have a clear understanding of what it means for educators to work as a team? Do your teacher and administrator leaders have a common assessment of the […]

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Connecting Vulnerability and Trust

Adam Grant conducted an interview around how trust works and how it can be built, with Daniel Coyle, the author of “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups.“ […]

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Podcast: Confidence and Humility – Support Continuous Growth

Our “coachability” increases as we develop confident humility. Coaching leaders should be models of confident humility – continuously presenting themselves as learners. Continuous teacher growth requires teachers to be vulnerable […]

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