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Podcast: Confidentiality in Coaching

Confidentiality in a coaching program can be complicated. For many teachers, knowing that coaching conversations are confidential makes it easier for them to explore what really matters. At the same […]

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Peer Observation and Peer Coaching – Defining a Difference

Vulnerability and reflection are keys to continuous teacher growth. Vulnerability requires trust. Expectations can help establish, fulfill, and build that trust. Too often, I find that unclear expectations around roles […]

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Podcast: PLCs as Constellations with Integration

How can “constellation thinking” (Matthew Barzun, “The Power of Giving Away Power”) increase the learning and creativity of school staff who currently are most likely engaged in pyramid thinking? Building […]

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The Value of Finding Out: Knowing

Belonging is a critical element of building classrooms and schools that are learning communities. Knowing and being known are keys to a sense of belonging. Teachers cannot create personalized instruction […]

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Connecting Vulnerability and Trust

Adam Grant conducted an interview around how trust works and how it can be built, with Daniel Coyle, the author of “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups.“ […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Reflection as an Element of Co-teaching

Teachers, Colin Donelle and Jon Binschus, share the development of a teaching partnership that implements elements of peer coaching into their planning, teaching, & debriefing process. Reflection is continually increased […]

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