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Podcast: What’s in Your Grade Book?

What do you want grades to communicate? What do you want to be sure that your grading doesn’t do? When grades are used to teach life lessons, such as responsibility, […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Can I Do Less Grading?

Questions around the role and value of grading have been debated among teachers, administrators, parents and students for many years. In this podcast, Steve explores some of these questions and […]

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Planning for and Supporting Learning Acceleration

I hope you are enjoying a break from school, and finding time for rest, reflection, and renewal before the new year begins. This past year has been one of many […]

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Coaching Instructional Agility

As I have been exploring acceleration as a mindset and approach for administrators, teachers, and students looking to the start of the next school year, the topic of instructional agility […]

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Creating an Environment for Acceleration

I am working with several school systems and their instructional coaches and administrators to support teachers in creating a mindset and actions of acceleration rather than remediation as they begin […]

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Podcast: Exploring Instructional Agility With Tom Schimmer

Co-author of Instructional Agility, Tom Schimmer, joins this podcast to share thoughts on the role of “real time” assessment in agile teaching. Like agile athletes, agile teachers make quick yet […]

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