think again - Steve Barkley

Coaching For Rethinking

Adam Grant’s book Think Again (The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know) provided me with lots of elements to ponder. A starting point was identifying when I am thinking like a preacher, prosecutor, politician, or scientist. Preacher: In preacher mode, we’re convinced we’re right. In this style, we’re trying to persuade others to our […]

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Confident Humility and Coaching

Adam Grant defines confident humility as having faith in your capability while appreciating that you may not have the right solution or may not even be addressing the right problem. He reminds us that humility is not about low self-confidence. It’s about being grounded and recognizing that we are flawed and fallible. Confidence is a […]

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Valuing the Complexity of Teaching, Learning, and Coaching

Across the years as I worked as a trainer, staff developer, and coach to teachers and administrators I have pointed to the need to support educators by making complex things simple while respecting the complexity. Unless an instructional strategy or facilitative technique is described in a sequence of steps (simple) the person looking to learn […]

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