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Podcast: Is Your Grading Equitable?

The author of, “I Used to Think I Was a Fair Grader. Now I look Back and Cringe,” Sarah Morris, shares the unconscious grading decisions she made as a teacher. […]

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Podcast: Guiding Teachers to Build Co-Constructed Classrooms

Author and international educator, Ann Lautrette, describes a co-constructed classroom as a space where students are valued and empowered, where teachers and students work together to plan learning, to do […]

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Decreasing Problem Saturated Conversations

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin writing in an ASCD article connected me to the term “problem saturated conversations.”  She states that what teachers talk about during their lunch break can have dramatic implications; […]

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Podcast for Parents & Teachers: Parents and Teachers Generating Opportunities for Learners’ Intrinsic Motivation

Research informs us that when tackling tasks that are more complex, success is more likely to occur from intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. How can teachers and parents support learners […]

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Purpose of School

I recently came across the work and thoughts of Valerie Hannon and Amelia Peterson, the authors of Thrive: The Purpose of School in a Changing World. As is my usual […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Creating Belonging in Class Discussions

Students have shared that discussion time is scarier than taking a test. How do we create classrooms where students report that during discussions they feel confident to ask a question, […]

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