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Coaches’ Time in Data Review Meetings

Preparing for and facilitating data review meetings with groups of teachers is often found in instructional coaches’ job descriptions. Dr. Heather Hill, a researcher and professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education, suggests that we might want to reconsider the investment of the coaches’ and teachers’ time in these meetings. In a review of studies […]

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Developing and Coaching Teachers’ Professional Growth Plans

This post initially appeared on Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching site in August 2020. Throughout my career I have always been frustrated by school, district, or state requirements that are supposedly designed for progress or improvement but in actuality are a paper chase. Frequently on the list of such policies are Professional Growth Plans (PGPs). In […]

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Hypothesis and Evidence: Words to Use In Professional Growth Plans

I have been working with several school organizations updating and examining their teacher professional growth plans. In each case leaders want to focus on maximizing the payoff in student success, growth or achievement from educator’s learning. They want the plan to provide for teacher autonomy while aligning efforts to school-wide goals. Each of these systems […]

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