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Coaching and Leading with Relational Energy

I was introduced to the term Relational Energy in a blog by Kim Cameron. “Positive energy elevates individuals, is life-giving and fosters vitality. In nature, the most common source of positive energy is the sun. It is the life-giving force. All species, including human beings, are inclined over time toward life-giving energy, and they avoid […]

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Supporting Teacher Leaders

The role of teacher leaders is an important consideration as school leadership teams work to reach improvement plan goals. How do principals and instructional coaches encourage and support the growth of teacher leaders? In a white paper from Discovery Education titled, TEACHER LEADERS:The (Not So) Secret Catalyst for Change,  I found some indicators that identify […]

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Teacher Leadership and Vulnerability

Nancy Flanagan wrote a blog for Education Week examining a definition for teacher leadership. She included this picture from Twitter which I recall seeing and retweeting. Flanagan connected with the role of great teachers being risk-takers but felt that an administrator stepping into that risk taking role was not very common and that teacher leaders probably […]

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