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Podcast: Building and Earning Trust as a Coach

As teachers’ relationships with those providing coaching grow from a foundation of trust, teacher vulnerability and risk-taking increase which positively impacts teacher growth. I had an earlier opportunity to explore […]

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Supporting Teacher Conversations for Reflection and Growth

Conversations among teachers are critical to driving reflection and conscious practice that produce increases in student success. Instructional coaches and teacher leaders are often tasked with facilitating team or PLC […]

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Peer Observation and Peer Coaching – Defining a Difference

Vulnerability and reflection are keys to continuous teacher growth. Vulnerability requires trust. Expectations can help establish, fulfill, and build that trust. Too often, I find that unclear expectations around roles […]

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Podcast: Continuous Teacher Growth

Director of Learning at American Community School of Abu Dhabi, Dr. Jen Ricks, explores the changes in moving from a focus on a teacher performance appraisal system to a professional […]

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Podcast: Confidence and Humility – Support Continuous Growth

Our “coachability” increases as we develop confident humility. Coaching leaders should be models of confident humility – continuously presenting themselves as learners. Continuous teacher growth requires teachers to be vulnerable […]

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Podcast: Increasing Dialogue and Reflection in Coaching Conferences

Reflection is key to teachers ongoing growth and empowerment. Too often, “quick feedback” misses the mark because of insufficient dialogue and therefore, too little reflection time. Steve shares some of […]

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