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Podcast: Communicating Interest and Positiveness in Coaching

Just as teachers use a focus on communicating interest and positiveness to inspire, motivate, and foster a positive learning classroom environment, coaches need to communicate the same with their coachees. […]

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Coaching as a Thinking Partner

Thinking Partner is a term that I have been using in describing the conversations that I work to have emerge with coachees, especially in post observation conversations. Reading Dr. Kristine […]

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Podcast: Coaching Post Conferencing

How do coaches increase teacher voice and reflection in post conferencing? Too often the coach’s voice can sound more like a report being given (similar to supervision conferences) rather than […]

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“That’s really a good question.”

Perhaps one of the greatest things for a coach to hear in the middle of a coaching conference is the response “that’s really a good question.”  Whenever I get that […]

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Podcast: Evidence Feedback to Promote Educator Learning

When we are engaged in growing and learning as educators to reach a student success goal, reflecting on evidence gathered along the way is key both to the goal’s success […]

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The Early Days of Building Coaching Practices

At each end and start of the calendar year, I take a break from posting a new blog and provide a revisit to some of my thinking that has appeared […]

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