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Podcast: Supporting Teachers’ Use of Flash Feedback

Providing students with quality feedback is an important instructional component that can have high impact on student learning. Mathew Johnson, the author of Flash Feedback: Responding to Student Writing Better and Faster- Without Burning Out identifies strategies that coaches can share with teachers so that feedback is regular, timely, clear and while students are constructing/producing. […]

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The Letting Go Paradox in Leading and Teaching

A blog post, The Art of Letting Go, by Randy Hall (4th Gear Consulting) led me to consider the need for letting go in school leadership as well as in teaching (maybe in parenting too). Hall wrote, “The interesting paradox of leadership is that a great leader helps people need less leadership from others.” He […]

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Moving to Heavy Coaching

I am currently attending the Learning Forward (NSDC) conference in Atlanta. I am presenting a session titled Verbal Skills for Heavy Coaching. In an earlier blog, I discussed the definitions of light and heavy coaching as presented by Joellen Killion, Coaching Heavy and Coaching Light in Coaching: Approaches and Perspectives edited by Jim Knight. Joellen […]

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