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Mentoring New Teachers: From Survival to Fun

William Glasser’s Choice Theory states that all human behavior is driven by the desire to satisfy five basic human needs: the need to be loved and accepted the need to be powerful the need to be free the need to have fun the need to survive When I studied Glasser’s work early in my teaching […]

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Where to Begin with a Beginning Teacher

An instructional coach recently sent me a request which matched some conversations I have had with coaches working with alternative teacher entry programs. It struck me that it might also match for experienced teachers who are now finding themselves in virtual or hybrid teaching environments that seem not to match any of their previous teaching […]

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Thoughts on Mentoring and Supporting Beginning Teachers, Part 1

Mentors should focus on empowering beginning teachers. Years ago, I did a lot of work with William Glasser’s Control Theory/Choice Theory regarding motivating students. Glasser described a focus on survival, belonging, power, freedom, and fun. If you had a classroom where students’ survival needs were met (physical and emotional safety) and you created a sense […]

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