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Podcast for Teachers: Jumping Back Into Classrooms

How might our thinking long-term vs. short-term impact the decisions we make as we jump back into teaching and learning in classrooms? What would an observer in your classroom, focused on students and teacher, see and hear that indicates resilience is like to be increasing? Steve shares a strategy to assist in drawing your students […]

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Podcast for Teachers: A Kindness Challenge: Inclusion, Equity, Compassion

Educator and children’s author, Jeff Kubiak, identifies how we as teachers can focus on empowering students with stories of failure, success, and resilience. Thoughts and resources for random acts of kindness are explored. Find Jeff’s books & resources here. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or visit to find […]

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Failing to Succeed

Part of my presentation last week to the teachers of Aruba involved the formula on effort that is in Tapping Student Effort…Increasing Student Achievement. The formula reads: “Effort times ability focused on a manageable task equals success.” We discussed in Aruba the value of teachers consciously teaching students ”how to effort” (Some of you may […]

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