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Purpose of School

I recently came across the work and thoughts of Valerie Hannon and Amelia Peterson, the authors of Thrive: The Purpose of School in a Changing World. As is my usual […]

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Teaching Students to Use Think Time (Educators too)

Many years back I studied, what at that time, was called wait time, sometimes pause time, and I looked to implement it in my own classroom when questioning students. I […]

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Podcast: Switching Students’ Focus From Grades to Learning

Many teachers get frustrated with students’ questions such as, “Does this count in my grade?” or “What can I do for extra credit?” Middle school math teacher, Crystal Frommert, shares […]

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Another Look at Practice, Performance, and Learning

A post by Dan Meyer sent me back to review some earlier reading and writing I had done around the topic of practice to increase fluency. In Math Practice Isn’t […]

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Pioneering Gratitude-Based Learning & Innovation

I have enjoyed several conversations with Adam Fishman around his work with gratitude-based curiosity conversations and was delighted when he agreed to share a blog. Enjoy and consider exploring the […]

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Podcast – Strengthening Teacher Professional Learning: PLC’s and Coaching

A paper from the Research Partnership for Professional Learning identifies the “what and how” from studies exploring teacher learning impacting student learning. The findings around teacher collaboration and coaching point […]

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