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Year-End Planning for Learning Goals

My involvement with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) often revolves around establishing learning goals/outcomes for students and collaborating to map out the strategies to achieve those goals. This process inherently incorporates […]

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Educators Exploring the Impact of Our Beliefs

“Our beliefs drive our behaviors.” That’s a statement that Kyle Coppes featured in an article titled “Student Laziness Is a Myth, Here’s Why.”  Coppes reminded me how our beliefs, often […]

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Podcast: Exploring Student Learning With Teachers

Liz Keable, a specialist in guiding increased student leaning through metacognition practices, provides insights and suggestions for supporting and coaching teachers. “If we want to have a real impact on […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Can AI Be a Teaching Partner?

Kylie Hand and Jennifer Baron, from the Innovative Educational Services Division at Chester County Intermediate Unit in PA, share opportunities for teachers to partner with AI to impact student learning. They discuss […]

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Podcast: Coaches Encouraging Teachers to Use Student-Led Discussions

With the right strategies, educators can support student-led discussions that foster deep critical thinking and empathy. Student-led discussions can build students’ skills in analytical thinking and innovation; complex problem-solving; creativity, […]

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Podcast: Learning Through Problems and Struggles

“Neuroscientists have found that mistakes are helpful for brain growth and connectivity and if we are not struggling, we are not learning. Not only is struggle good for our brains […]

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