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Podcast: Responsibility for Improving Student Outcomes – From The Boardroom to the Classroom

AJ Crabill, the director of governance for the Council of Great City Schools and the conservator for Desoto ISD in Texas, explores the need for district alignment on continuous improvement […]

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What do our students need us to learn?

Planning backwards from student desired outcomes eventually leads to identifying teachers’ needs for understanding or learning. I suggest that as teachers study student work and assessments in a PLC, the […]

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Team or Franchise?

I frequently describe that my teaching background vaccinated me into teaching as a team sport. My student teaching and early years in teaching were all team focused. I began student […]

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Podcast: Tapping Student Effort – Pictures of Success

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve ponders “Tapping Student Effort: Pictures of Success.” Listen as Steve discusses how researching increasing student learning outcomes […]

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Instructional Coaching Highlights

I just finished a great day of learning with coaches and administrators from Ankeny, Iowa and surrounding school districts. The participants were tweeting at #iacoaches2013. I found it interesting during […]

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