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Empower the Learner Profile

Kathleen McClaskey, CEO of Empower the Learner and co-author of “Make Learning Personal” and “How to Personalize Learning,” identifies the need to develop student capacity to support their own learning, achieve agency, self-advocate for their learning and realize their hopes and dreams. As leaders, we need to create the same for staff. Visit the Empower […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Emotions Are Not Soft Skills. They are Hard Science.

Tara Brown, The Connection Coach, shares the need for relationships to precede relevance and rigor. The author of “Different Cultures – Common Ground,” shares beliefs and strategies that guide us to communicate the needed messages to students. She stresses the need for students to understand that they can be in the driver’s seat for their […]

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Podcast: Encouraging Teachers to Build Students’ Executive Functioning Skills

Teacher educator, Brenda Watkins, shares her classroom experiences and content from the graduate level course Developing Executive Function to Empower Learners. Included are observable elements for recognizing strategies and opportunities for extending teacher focus on empowering students. Contact Brenda at: Learn about Project Zero here. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast […]

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