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Goals and Behaviors

The title of a TEDxTalks video recently caught my attention: If you want to achieve your goals, don’t focus on them. Reggie Rivers illustrates that goals are of little value […]

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Coaching Teachers Around Student Behaviors

I just finished a week working with administrators and coaches conducting observations of student learning throughout a school district K-12. Our focus all week was on identifying if student learning […]

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Building Coaching Conversations Around Student Behaviors

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to conduct a substantial number of classroom observations with teams of instructional leaders and coaches. Our focus was on practicing observing student […]

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Designing For Learning

All of you who have been in my training sessions or coaching practices know the increase focus I have personally developed on “student behaviors”.  I believe that the real challenge […]

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Technology Integration for Learning

I had some free time during the holidays to work ahead in prepping for upcoming sessions that I’ll be facilitating in the new year. I’d been tagging and saving articles […]

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PLCs Working on Student Motivation

I was recently asked to facilitate a high school staff who had been working in PLCs that were department centered around curriculum and assessment. I was given a request to […]

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