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Podcast: When is the Coach an Expert?

Instructional coaches should be continually engaged in developing a deep reservoir of knowledge and skills that can impact student and teacher success. The coaching role creates many opportunities for learning from the teachers and leaders with whom you are working. How does a coach best engage with teachers so that the coach’s expertise is a […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Maximizing Co-Teaching for Student Success

Co-teaching teams provide benefits to teachers as they collaborate to maximize personalized learning for their students. Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, experienced co-teacher and researcher, joins Steve to explore the challenges of building from I/My to We/Our. Visit Dr. Honigsfeld’s website here. Email Dr. Honigsfeld: Find Dr. Honigsfeld on Twitter: @AndreaHonigsfel PODCAST TRANSCRIPTSteve [Intro]: 00:00 Hello, […]

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