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Podcast for Teachers: Emotions Are Not Soft Skills. They are Hard Science.

Tara Brown, The Connection Coach, shares the need for relationships to precede relevance and rigor. The author of “Different Cultures – Common Ground,” shares beliefs and strategies that guide us to communicate the needed messages to students. She stresses the need for students to understand that they can be in the driver’s seat for their […]

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Success Skills for New Teachers

I recently provided a workshop for mentors who would be working with new (many first year) teachers to their district. Here is the opening I used to set the stage. The old adage “Experience is the best teacher” isn’t quite accurate. “Experience, with a mentor, is the best teacher.” As a new teacher interacts with […]

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Teachers’ Soft Skills: Critical to School Success

Valerie Strau, writing in The Washington Post (12/21/17), describes Google’s findings regarding successful employees and teams: The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students. Her focus informs educators, parents, and students about important skills needed to increase work place success. While STEM skills and understanding are important, […]

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