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Podcast: Does Your Group Want to Be a Team?

The word “team” is frequently used in schools to describe various groupings of people that are working under different understandings of what the relationships among group members should be and […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Start the Year Planning for Relationships

The first days and weeks of school with new students are important in impacting future learning. Purposeful plans for learning about students and having them learn about you are valuable. […]

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Podcast – Instructional Coaching: Relationships, Data, Action

Natalie Ulloa, a secondary instructional coach with a background in instructional design and Steven Baule, a professor in the Leadership Education Department at Winona State University, discuss coach and principal […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Exploring an Engagement Matrix

Steve explores moving students from being non-compliant to compliant and from compliant to interested with educator and author Heather Lyon. They explore the role of relationships, consequences, and students’ interests […]

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Podcast: Coaching to Build Staff Relationships and Teams

Increasing collegiality among staff and building teams with shared responsibility for student achievement are keys to a school’s success. Does your leadership team have a shared understanding of what increased […]

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Podcast: Developing Relationships With Students & Staff

Building relationships is a key component of effective teaching, coaching, and leading. While caring is important for a starting point, developing relationships requires challenging and supporting others as well. In […]

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