reframing - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Reframing from an Assembly Line System to an Ecosystem

This is the second podcast in a series on reframing our mindsets and reframing problems. Many of our processes in schools are more mechanical than emergent. This frequently doesn’t fit […]

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Podcast: Reframing – Leading from Love Rather Than Fear

We often need to reframe our mindset or the way we define a problem in order to make real progress. In this first part of a series on reframing, Steve […]

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Reframing and Paraphrasing

I recently conducted a workshop for international school teachers examining the skill sets that are important to effective teaching. One area we explored was verbal communication skills, critical to creating […]

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I’ve had another one of those weeks where my reading and experiences connected! Readings:First, I read Dennis Sparks writing in Phi Delta Kappa’s Leading through Learning publication, “The Importance of […]

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