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Podcast: Evidence Feedback to Promote Educator Learning

When we are engaged in growing and learning as educators to reach a student success goal, reflecting on evidence gathered along the way is key both to the goal’s success […]

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Teachers Reflecting and Learning from Peer Observations

Differentiating Peer Observation and Peer Coaching: Peer Observation is an activity that is focused on the observer’s learning while Peer Coaching is focused more on the benefits to the observed […]

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Podcast: Coaching Questions for Finding Out, Reflection, and Exploring Future Actions

When coaches are conscious of the purposes of the questions they ask in coaching sessions, their questions are clearer and they can better focus on listening. That listening allows the […]

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Podcast: Strengthening Professional and Organizational Capacity

Allie Rodman, the founder of The Learning Loop and author of “Still Learning: Strengthening Professional and Organizational Capacity,” explores critical elements for teacher, team, and organizational learning. Consider the roles […]

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Reflecting on Your Coaching Approach

I use the last and first weeks of the year to break from writing a new blog and look to provide some previous work that can encourage reflection. I pulled […]

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The Early Days of Building Coaching Practices

At each end and start of the calendar year, I take a break from posting a new blog and provide a revisit to some of my thinking that has appeared […]

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