Principal Coach Partnership - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Planning for Instructional Coaching Success

How are the expectations of an instructional coaching program shared with staff? This is an important question when implementing an instructional coaching program and an important element to address as new staff join a faculty each year. It also needs to be revisited when principal or coach positions change. Listen to a high school and […]

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Guiding Instructional Coaching with a Principal Partnership

I worked with a client to design some guiding questions and examples for a coach/principal partnership agreement. Here is an early draft: Initial Plan The outcome of an effective instructional coaching program needs to be an increase in student achievement/success. The partnership of the coach and principal is crucial to a program’s effectiveness. Instructional Coaches’ […]

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A Summer Conversation for Instructional Coaches and Principals

I am a strong advocate for the Principal Coach Partnership  (see earlier blog). Agreement defining student learning outcomes (vision) builds trust and focus among the leadership team at a school. An administrator can build increased shared leadership knowing that time the coach spends with teachers and decisions made in PLCs will focus on the shared, desired […]

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