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A Lesson on Coaching Questions from ChatGPT

Very, very early in my initial work with coaching I zeroed in on the need to focus on the kinds of questions one asks as a coach. My first work […]

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Podcast: Coaching Post Conferencing

How do coaches increase teacher voice and reflection in post conferencing? Too often the coach’s voice can sound more like a report being given (similar to supervision conferences) rather than […]

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Podcast: Where Are They? How Did They Get There? Where Do They Want to Go?

These three questions can guide your coaching pre and post conferences. They help you understand what the teacher is thinking, what experiences have influenced the teacher’s current thinking, and where […]

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Coaching Conversations Uncovering Teachers’ Agendas

Coaching conversations, where the teacher’s agenda emerges and develops over time, increase understanding, build trust, and promote vulnerability and risk-taking. The teacher’s agenda includes the beliefs, values, and thinking behind […]

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Podcast: Coaching Virtually Without Observation

There are situations where the opportunity for a coach to observe the teaching and learning process is not available. Steve models a post conference in this podcast that illustrates a […]

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Podcast: Questioning Skills in Coaching

Steve explores three areas of questioning to guide coaching conversations: Finding out and Knowing, Reflection, and Exploring Future Actions. Examples used in pre and post conferencing are included. Subscribe to […]

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