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Podcast for Teachers & Parents: Empowering Mastery Oriented Learners

Mastery-oriented learners are motivated by building competency. They are intrinsically motivated rather than driven by extrinsic rewards or by fear of punishment. Mastery-oriented learners want to learn for the sake […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Impacting Students’ Phonemic Proficiency

Heather Kenny, an experienced teacher and teacher educator of literacy, shares purposes and strategies for building student skills in phonemic awareness. She examines the mental process that leads to storing […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Building Students Executive Functioning

Teachers can invest in conscious planning to create opportunities for students to strengthen executive functioning skills. Experienced teacher and teacher educator, Brenda Watkins, outlines the benefits and example strategies for […]

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Podcast for Teachers: When Students Lead

Author, Todd Nesloney, suggests it’s time to think differently about how we prepare and encourage students to grow as leaders. We should equip them with the tools and skills that […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Joyful Teaching – What Are Classrooms Like When Joy Is a Priority?

Hear how this teacher’s joyful mindset resulted in a classroom where student learning excelled. Brittany Cabrera describes why “keeping it simple” is a key to joyfulness. Find Brittany on LinkedIn. […]

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Podcast for Teachers: My Professional Learning – How Do I Make the Most Of What I’ve Learned During Virtual and Hybrid Teaching

Professional Learning should be personalized. Allie Rodman, author and founder of The Learning Loop, identifies ways that teachers can maximize the value of their ongoing learning in the post pandemic […]

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