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Podcast: Guiding an After-Action-Review Process for Team Growth

How can the After-Action-Review process used by the military service assist instructional coaches and administrators in guiding teachers individually and in PLCs to reflect and improve? Experienced special education teacher, […]

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Podcast: Supporting Teachers’ PLC Practices

Experienced teacher, PLC teacher leader, and Instructional Coach, Darby Tobolka, joins Steve for a conversation about PLC design, purpose, and expectations. They highlight the role of instructional coaches in focusing […]

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Coaches’ Time in Data Review Meetings

Preparing for and facilitating data review meetings with groups of teachers is often found in instructional coaches’ job descriptions. Dr. Heather Hill, a researcher and professor at Harvard Graduate School […]

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Podcast: The Value of Data Team Meetings

Data team meeting are commonly on the schedules of PLCs, instructional coaches, and administrators. The question that needs to be continually explored is the degree to which this investment in […]

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Podcast: Expanding Instructional Coaching to a Culture of Coaching

What are the actions that school administrators and instructional coaches can take to support the building of a culture of coaching within a school? How does peer coaching embedded in […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Teachers as Collaborators

What are the costs and benefits to teachers as they learn within PLC’s? Chad Dumas, the author of Let’s Put the C back in PLCs, answers this question and highlights […]

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