peter wieczorek - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Parents: The Value of a Different School Frameworks for Learning

Increasingly, students and parents are having the opportunity of selecting among different school programs and designs. Peter Wieczorek, a director, and teacher at Northwest Passage High School, an inquiry-driven project-based learning program, explores insights and questions for parents to consider as they make decisions. Engaging students in these choices is also explored. Visit the Northwest […]

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Podcast: Teaching and Learning from a Mission

Northwest Passage High School’s mission statement states: Rekindling our hope, exploring our world, seeking our path, while building our community. Director and teacher, Peter Wieczorek, describes how the mission is lived by teachers and students. Visit the Northwest Passage High School website here. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast on iTunes or […]

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