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The Coaching Balance

I love the learning I gain from interactions with educators. Not surprisingly, educators focused on coaching and collaborating provide extra special opportunities. Kevin Schlomer recently provided me one of those learning opportunities and I was anxious to share it with you.  Kevin is a former instructional coach and coordinator of instructional coaching. He is currently […]

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The Gift of Coaching

I benefited from instructional and peer coaching before I had heard the terms. My teacher preparation program and my initial teaching roles were built around team models that had formal and informal coaching conversations built into the organizational structure. When I first began consulting with teachers in other schools, I was surprised to find working […]

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My Responses to Coaching Questions

Today, I’d like to address several questions that I’ve received surrounding the topic of peer coaching. Question #1: An administrator who implemented a peer coaching initiative in his school last year asked, “How can we as a school, measure the successes of peer coaching in our school from teachers’ perspective? Can we measure results from […]

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Peer Coaching Payoffs

During the current and past year, I have been working with the staff at QSI International School of Chengdu in China.  Using Skype, I facilitated professional learning sessions with the entire staff and held coaching sessions with individual PLCs. Last year we focused on professional learning communities and this Fall we added peer coaching practices. […]

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Exploring Peer Coaching

Barnett Berry, from the Center for Teaching Quality, writing about teacher collaboration in an article in Kappan magazine,* describes teachers’ professional learning in Shanghai where professional learning is more peer-to-peer support than going to external trainings. Berry sites data from various reports that illustrates the missing peer collaboration in many of our schools: # only […]

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Peer Coaching and PLCs

Shirley Hord, Learning Forward’s scholar laureate, was recently featured in a blog  titled, “What Is An Authentic Professional Learning Community?” Hord identified six characteristics that indicate an authentic PLC: Structural conditions– Time… place…resources and useable data. Supportive relational conditions– Community members have respect and regard for each other. Shared values and vision– The community’s conversation […]

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The Academy for Educators

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